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What is the Role of a Film Producer?

If you’re new to the business of filmmaking, you might not understand the true role of a good producer. A producer is as essential to a solid film as good writing and top notch acting. The role of a producer isn’t someone numbers focused and looking for profits. Producers add a lot of value to the production and can help a skilled director focus on executing his or her creative vision.

Problem Solver

A good producer solves problems on and off set. They are out there wrangling crew together, and helping to plan the next shots. They are the ones who know where everything is, so they should be like your right-hand. A good producer is well-acquainted with everyone on set, has a concept of the schedule and knowledge of where the day is supposed to go. Continue reading

Challenges Every First-Time Director Faces On and Off Set

Written by:
The Charles Matthau

Summary: Some tips to help you get through your first time sitting in the director’s seat.

Every veteran director has had his or her first time in the director’s seat. It tests the resolve you have for filmmaking, because you have to learn how to function on a continuous amount of pressure. Some of the common problems you’re likely to face during your first project are acquiring funding, creating a solid production and dealing with criticism. Continue reading

Secrets to Film and Book Adaptations

Summary: Learn the secret to a successful film adaptation.

Adaptation is not the same as reproduction, and the film and book versions of a story may not be comparable. The best adaptations are usually faithful to the book with their own takeaways, Fight Club being a great example. Adaptation doesn’t involve a team of writers sitting in a room, trying to make their changes fit into the existing story. It involves a thoughtful analysis of the strengths that the original medium possesses, and what can be brought to film. Sometimes, it’s as simple as an idea or a moment, but whatever it is has to form the basis (and interest) for a film. Continue reading